pathfinder_tough_azGlobaltech Corporation is leading the way in drillers operated Survey Technology. Pathfinder® probes empower drillers to fully survey their own drill-holes accurately eliminating the need for a follow up survey team saving money and time. Pathfinder® technology is extremely easy to use, reliable, robust and supported by quality checks that quantify anomalies thus taking away the burden of reliability from the operator (or driller). Data can be instantly viewed on site or saved directly (without a PC) to a USB memory stick for later analyses by surveyors and/or geologists. You can always depend on the survey data provided by Pathfinder®.

3 Pathfinder® Variants to Suit Your Needs:

Pathfinder® ESS

Electronic Single Shot

This is state of the art digital version of the traditional
mechanical survey tool used to survey holes (typically in 30m
intervals) during drilling. Like its mechanical predecessor the
ESS has a timer which is pre-set by the driller but in this case
the timer and countdown is displayed on the handheld
controller that remains with the driller during a survey so the
driller knows precisely when the survey is completed & knows
exactly when to pull out the tool and continue with the drilling.

Pathfinder® S@W

Electronic Survey at Will 

The S@W has the same function as the ESS but it’s designed
where it is difficult for the driller to estimate the time required
to place the tool in the survey position. Instead of pre-setting
a timer the driller simply inserts the tool into the drill-hole and
when the survey position is reached the driller starts the
survey from the handheld controller. The survey is then taken
and the handheld will confirm survey completion so the driller
can retrieve the tool and commence drilling.

Pathfinder® EMS

Electronic Multi Shot at Will 

The EMS is typically used after the drilling is ended. The EMS
gets attached to the front of the core barrel and then sent to
the end of the hole. The EMS is pulled out as the drill rods are
removed. Each time a rod is removed the driller can initiate a
survey at that interval from the handheld controller. Therefore
a high resolution multi-shot survey along the entire hole-path
can be acquired as the rods are being pulled out eliminating
the need to deploy a follow up survey team.


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Pathfinder® Physical Attributes